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Internet TV Software allows you to Watch Satellite TV on your PC

You can now watch satellite TV on your PC with Internet TV Software!

Watching TV shows over the internet continues to rise in popularity.

Studies indicate that there are over 3.6 billion “video streams” watched by internet viewers.

This article on satellite tv will help you learn about the benefits of PC Software that will help you watch satellite tv programming on your computer, almost as if it were an actual television set! That’s very cool!

In fact, the regular internet user spends nearly forty one days each year being online or approximately 164 minutes per day;

likewise, researches reveal that 148 minutes per day are spent watching television. This supports studies done in September 2005 that most individuals spend almost eight hours a day using 2 or even more media simultaneously. (more…)

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It’s Time for Directv and Echostar to Merge

This time is right for Directv and Echostar (Dish Network) to merge. Rumors about a possible upcoming merger between the two have begun to circulate recently. I hope it happens this time. They tried it four years ago but were rejected by the FCC, whose members felt that a merger would violate antitrust laws.

However, their primary competition is no longer each other but the cable and phone companies, which have more advantages.

Right now, satellite operators cannot provide competitive broadband, video-on-demand, and VoIP on their own the way the cable and phone companies can. (more…)

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