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Survivor Philippines Finale Did Not Disappoint!

Sunday was a big tv night for me as 2 of my favorite tv shows were showing the final episodes of the season.

Homeland was ending the season with a 1 hour episode on Showtime and Survivor Philippines was dropping 3 hours total for the final episode and “Survivor Reunion Show”.

Fortunately because of DVR’s I could watch the whole 4 hours in one night – thanks in part to being able to fast forward through commercials on CBS.

Well, Homeland was great, but I’ll write about the elsewhere and I am pleased to say that Survivor Philippines and the reunion show was a great tv experience!

I enjoyed the final episode of Survivor Philippines as I watched Malcomn Freberg fall apart and lose the most important immunity challenge of them all, and get voted out at the final tribal council.

I must say I was rooting for Malcolm, but it was just as fun to see Denise outwit him and end up in the final three!

And it was really fun to watch the jury grill Denise Stapley, Michael Skupin and Lisa Whelchel.

jeff probst announces the winner Jeff Probst Announces the winner of Survivor!

Man – it was intense. So many bitter castaways!

I don’t think there was any doubt in my mind it would be Denise who won in the end and it was a nice experience.

I did expect Malcolm to win the fan favorite though and was surprised to see Lisa win the 100,000 bucks.

Speaking of Lisa, boy she cleans up real good and looked much better with makeup! She looked pretty ragged in the show but was quite attractive in the reunion show!

So – as a season of Survivor comes to a close it’s off to celebrate the holidays. Soon enough though we’ll have a brand new Survivor in 2013.

One of the notable things is that the crazy Brazillian girl Abi still doesn’t get it how evil and mean she is. She says she learned something but I got the feeling she was just trying to save her image a little by pretending she would change. I feel sorry for any guy that ends up marrying that crazed woman! It won’t be a fun marraige for sure!

Oh well – who am I to give relationship advice – that should be left to Denise, the winner of Survivor!

Survivor Philippines The Surprise Kiss
Survivor Philippines The Surprise Kiss

Jeff Probst got a surprise kiss from Dawson!

One of my favorite tv shows, Survivor keeps delivering the goods and keeps it fun to watch reality tv!

Watch Ab-Maria on TV talking about Survivor.

More on Survivor at the official CBS Survivor page

The absolute best site to read about Survivor is Sir Linksalot Survivor Philippines Links

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Who will win Survivor Philippines?

Well, another season of Survivor is coming to an end. The season finale for Survivor Philippines is on tonight, Dec. 16, 2012, and someone will become the next million dollar winner of this hit reality tv show!

Survivor: Philippines - Meet the Cast
Survivor: Philippines – Meet the Cast

So who are the 4 contestants still in the running for the big prizes (1st place million – 2nd place gets some good cash too)?

It’s a pretty good final 4 compared to seasons past. I like them all pretty much.

Malcolm Freberg – the one everybody expects to win. He’s been a nice guy and has been a good competitor but no one wants him to be next to them in the end. Could there be a jury backlash in favor of someone more deserving than Malcolm?

Lisa Whelchel – She was Blaire from the Facts of Life TV Show back in the day. She is now an older more mature woman and is god fearing and afraid to be a real player. I doubt anyone would give her the million. She was also wishy washy in my opinion.

Denise Stapley – fit and lean this woman has been playing areally good game. I could see her getting the million, possibly even if she sits next to Malcolm.

Michael Skupin – a past Survivor player who miraculously managed to make it to the end despite having a big target on his back. I don’t think anyone would vote for him regardless of who was sitting next to him.

Personally I think it will be either Malcolm or Denise that will win the million.

Here is a video with host Jeff Probst assessing the cast of Survivor Philippines.

Survivor: Philippines - Survivor: Philippines - Cast Assessment
Survivor: Philippines – Survivor: Philippines – Cast Assessment

Here are some links to videos you may find interesting.

Jeff Probst Survivor

CBS Survivor

Survivor Philippines Finale

Malcolm Freeberg – incorrect spelling with ee

More on Survivor at the official CBS Survivor page

And the best site to read Survivor articles is Sir Linksalot Survivor Philippines Links

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I’m Bored To Death

I’m bored to death with what is on TV these days. It gets especially bad during the holidays when it seems that some big red rerun button is pushed or the Fall Season ends and new episodes stop showing.

Do the Neilson ratings even matter anymore? I mean why should there be certain periods of time such as sweeps when there is too much good stuff on and other times when you can’t even find a decent new show to watch.

I hate to rant about how tv sucks because I like watching television so much – but hey – face it – the way they force feed us what they want when they want SUCKS!

Some day soon we won’t have to put up with the way networks schedule their shows. I imagine a time when they will release product much like they do DVD’s or albums.

Sure, there will always be some kind of seasonality – I realize that – but there needs to be less of the force feeding we must endure from those who have power over what we watch.

And there is another disturbing trend that really rubs me the wrong way. The mini-series effect.

I mean – hey – they just don’t give us full seasons of shows anymore, do they? (more…)

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What Happened on the Lost Finale?

It’s the morning after the big night of the Lost tv show finale.

I have to say, this is hard to admit, but last night’s Lost TV Finale last episode had a huge impact on me. It’s like I now have Lost engrained in my brain whether I want to or not. My brain activity is going nuts and all I can think about are bits and pieces that are coming to me now about what happened on Lost last night.

I am wondering what did it all mean and what was the ending trying to say and does that mean THIS and THAT and oh my gollee… I can’t stop!

Apparently I am not the only one because when I turned on my notebook this morning and I saw the “Google Hot Trends” keywords that people are searching for – I noticed I am not the only one with LOST on my mind.

9 out of the top 20 were searches for lost keywords and 1 additional on purgatory – most likely that one was because of Lost.

3. lost finale explanation
4. lost alternate endings
7. jimmy kimmel lost q and a
8. lost series finale theories
10. lost explained
11. lost review
14. lost answers
15. lost wiki
17. lost blog
19. purgatory

I don’t think I have ever had a tv show that provoked this much thought. During the regular season and now becuase of the massive Lost TV I absorbed last night.

I mean hey – think about it… They started with that 2 hour retrospective where they went back to the beginning and explained what had happened along the way towards the end and included some thoughts from cast members and producers (why don’t we ever see JJ Abrahams talking about it by the way???).

Then after those 2 hours I was thrust into the final episode which ran 2 1/2 hours long… 150 more minutes as we watched Lost draw near to it’s final conclusion.

Now – aside from the show being great last night and the ending being satisfying – face it – 4 and 1/2 hours on any topic and your head will be buzzing. But add to that how much of an impact this kind of even has on those of us who are deeply connected to the show and the characters.

Now – I could have gone on and watched the Jimmy Kimmel show where they revealed the alternate endings (three of them?) but I was just too LOST-out… I watched the news which had MORE Lost cast members interviewed and then went to bed thoroughly exhausted and mentally beaten up. (more…)

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Southland Mini Series on TNT – what?

Southland the tv show, formerly of NBC – now on TNT is a great show! It’s the best crime drama tv series out there. But what the hell is TNT doing with it?

It’s not much of a series – I’d say more like a mini series.

Mini Series have more episodes that what TNT did with this Southland show.

OK… this is what confuses me and gets my goat.

In February Ben McKenzie was doing the talk show circuit and says it’s back and the new Southland season starts on TNT with a premiere tonight.

Hmmm… that came out of nowhere, but hey – I liked the Southland show from it’s handful of episodes on NBC the year before.

I’m enthused it’s back on tv. (more…)

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Big Brother 11’s Jordan is the Big Winner

Big Brother Picks a Winner!

Ratings must be good for this past season of Big Brother 11!

Big Brother 11 ended with Jordan getting more votes than Kevin in the series finale hich was more fun than most in recent memory.

I must admit I was happy to see Jordan get the big prize. Jeff, not to be left out, also got an America’s Choice check for 25 grand as the favorite vote getter. That’s cool too! Right on Jeff! You played the best game!

Kevin got the runner up prize and Natalie was completely out of the running. She was too cocky and it was nice to see Jordan rise above her.

Well… they are casting or another season so I giess that means Big Brother 12 will be hitting the screens next Summer! Unless of course they suprise us again with another season before then as they did in the past! You can nevr have too many Big Brother’s each year!

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Lost on ABC. I’m Lost – but who isn’t?

Lost on ABC. I’m Lost – but who isn’t? by Mike Liebner

The 2 hour season finale of Lost was crammed full of… something.

OK, despite Lost on ABC making us ask more questions than it gives answers to – I must say I have been pretty enthralled this season.

But now it’s all gone away as the 2 hour season finale came and went like a dynamo.

At first – I must admit – I simply deleted the show from Tivo – even though I was confused at the ending. The season finale was just too jumbled and covered too much.

I was confused and instead of thinking about it – I just deleted it and moved on. I was disappointed.

But the next day I started thinking about what happened. I tried to remember who died and who may not have died and why they died and why they ended on the flash forward of Jack and Kate – apparently rescued and in a future tiome and place – not together. (more…)

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Congrats to Models who won Amazing Race!

Congrats to the dude model boys who won Amazing Race! By Mike

Congrats model boys! You deserve the first place and the million bucks for winning the Amazing Race!

It just goes to show that you CAN experiment with DRUGS and get off track so long as you reign yourself back in and get back to the good way of life!

These 2 boys deserve the big prize! Rob and Kimberly would have been deserving as well but I am glad the boys won.

As for Alabama finishing 3rd – they should be proud. They had the most challenging time!

The season finale was fun to watch. The end was a slight bit anti-climatic as they did not play up the race to the finish but despite that it was still satsifying to see all the racers applaud them as the finished first!

Coming soon is Amazing Race All Stars! I wonder who will be on that? Rob and Amber???

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Big Brother All Stars Season Finale Recap for Tivo People

Big Brother All Stars Season Finale Recap for Tivo People by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars It’s a surprise for those of you who have yet to watch your Tivo’ed Big Brother All Stars finale, so do not read this SPOILER if you want to keep the outcome a secret from yourself.

As you probably know, if you are a big fan of the show, Boogie and Erika, the showmance turned homance, are the final two in the BB House. 

So, first, I would ask for a moment of silence for the past boy-girl flirtations that ended in the girl getting burned.

The finale began with a five-minute recap of significant moments in BB history.  After a shot of Erika and Boogie in formal regalia – Erika in black gown and Mike in derby and matching sport coat – we got a recap of exile island’s last guest: the jury members speculated on who was coming in next, and as he had done before, Marcellas dreaded out loud the arrival of the very person who showed up. 

Though Howie and George, agreeing for once, think it’s Boogie, it is in fact Janelle.  She appears in red gown with tiara and does a presentation pose that puts showroom spokesmodels to shame.

Janelle explains who did what to whom and says Ericka is a “b-i-t-c-h,” eliciting agreement and much discussion.  It is also Janelle who says not to let a floater win, but Danielle, ever the voice of sanity, reminds them that when it is a boy villain he is glamorized but when it’s a girl who’s the villain she is “disgusting”.

Somebody notes how Erika was on the block three times, and though they all had the opportunity to vote her out they didn’t.  Dani reminds them that there are no rules about floating, or cheating, or even about being loyal to oneself.

Will speaks for Boogie (uuhv course), saying that he did what he needed to when he rode coattails, won competitions, etc.. (more…)

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Rock Star Supernova Finale Opens a New Chapter

 Rock Star Supernova Finale Opens a New Chapter by Roxanne McDonald

Okay, rocker purists, I was on the mark all along, and told you whenever I had the chance about how his talent and skill, his evocative and provocative style, and even his look would or should take him to winning.    

And Yee-hah!  Lukas has earned the right to front SuperNova.

The whole show was, well, super (and not just cause I got my way).

Brooke introduces the best of the best in the world – the final four, Magni, Toby, Dilana, and Lukas. 

She describes the previous night’s performances (part one of the finals) as “epic”, and shows clips of highlights.  Introducing the best of the best SuperNova and Dave Navarro, she prompts their thoughts on the remaining four.  Dave addresses Tommy, Gilbey, and Jason, saying how they can’t lose and how he can’t wait to see who he’ll be on tour with.

Brooke also reports that the previous night’s voting volume broke records across America, Iceland, and Australia. (more…)

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