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Big Brother After Dark on Showtime Too

Well, another season of Big Brother is upon us and that means more behind the scenes footage with BB After Dark on Showtime!

My HD Recorder (DVR) is already getting stuffed full of that raw footage and frankly I do not have time or the patience to watch a whole lot of it… mainly because I don’t want to spoil the CBS Big Brother episodes. (more…)

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Fall Season 2007 TV Shows Overview So Far

The 2007 Fall Season TV Show Overview by Mike Liebner

You just never know what a new season of TV shows will bring you. It could be a super good season like when Desperate Housewives and Lost first appeared or it could be a dud.

So far, this season, with a few exceptions seems to lean more towards duds from my perspective. A few returning shows are great… a few new ones are good… a few are outstanding…

While I have not watched everything new that has come out, I really try my best to catch at least the first episode (pilot or premiere).

I understand this is not always indicative of a show in the long run, but let’s face it – we can only watch so much tv before it affects us in strange ways (hmmmmm…)

Right out of the box I loved the new NBC tv show Chuck. Fresh and invigorating just like when Austin Powers first hit the scene, Chuck is a great 1 hour show. It’s refreshing how cool and hip this funny thriller is and how larger than life the characters are. It’s not very often I get drawn into a tv show that does not necessarily have a continuing storyline (individual self contained episodes like most tv detective shows), but this one pulled me in. The visuals and high tech editing are in themselves quite revolutionary and top notch. Check out “Chuck” if you haven’t already – it’s a winner!

Survivor China is back and the reality tv series is as good as ever. The challenges are especially good. China adds a whole new backdrop and freshness to the show. It’s a must see show! (more…)

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Prison Break Season 3 Premiere

Hey, this just in… a free video showing the first 17 minutes of the Prison Break season premiere, it’s 3rd season back again this fall.

Have a look at the video if you dare!


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Big Brother 8 is my Summer Sweetheart

BB8 article by Mike Liebner

Hey – it’s that time of year again! The time for conniving and back stabbing and possibly even some showmance action! 

Big Brother 8 Big Brother 8 and hot Summertime fun is here again!     

Boy – it’s my favorite time of year with my favorite hot Summer reality tv show Big Brother back on CBS in full effect!

That means I/we can now dedicate 3 days or more to the adventures of the BB8 houseguests for a Big Brother Summer of fun!

I say 3 days or more because I just found myself re-watching the season premiere episode a 2nd time (it was recorded on my 2nd Tivo)! And you know what… watching Big Brother 8 a 2nd time was actually enjoyable (although I did fast forward a lot).

So – is there enough Big Brother 8 for you this Summer???

Can you live without Big Brother the other 4 nights of the week the show is NOT airing a new episode???

Strange but last night (Saturday) I found myself wishing it was on… you can nver get enough of a good thing!

We now have Big Brother 8 to keep us entertained on 3 nights each week – Thursday – Sunday (new one coming tonight) and Tuesdays…. (more…)

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CBS Season Premiere of Survivor Fiji Islands on Feb. 8

CBS Season Premiere of Survivor 14 Fiji Islands on Feb. 8 by Mike Liebner

Are you ready for the season premiere of Survivor: Fiji on February 8, 2007?

CBS Survivor 14 Fiji I am ready for Survivor 14 Fiji! In fact, I have been craving Survivor more than ever!

Over the Christmas holiday while visiting family I finally removed the plastic off the DVD and watched every single episode of the first Survivor!

Which one was that… oh yeah… Survivor Borneo Season One.

I must admit I tried like crazy to NOT watch Survivor the first 4 or 5 seasons when it came out. I was one of those “no time for Reality tv” type peoples. That all changed with Survivor Thailand when I gave in and watched. I was immediately hooked.

So now, here I am in between Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fiji and I am having cravings for Survivor! So I did rapid fire burn through that season one DVD and I was very happy to see it. I must say that it was PALE by comparison to the current day Survivor shows as Jeff Probst and the gang have come a long way. But it was fun to see the rough and  tumble creation of what would become a TV dynasty for Mark Burnett. (more…)

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Living With Ed on HGTV

Living with Ed premieres on HGTV.

Well, I must admit it – I never expected to be tuning in to HGTV, much less to watch a reality tv show starring Ed Begley Jr. But I did and I must say it was more enjoyable than expected.

As you may or may not know, Ed’s claim to fame was as Victor Ehrlich in the old hit tv show St.Elsewhere, of which I was a big fan.

Since then Ed has made a lot of appearances on other shows most notably Arrested Development and Six Feet Under. He has also appeared in a few high profile movies including Best In Show.

Current day, Ed Begley Jr. has become known for his quirky adoption and promotion of green type living practices, with his home as a role model with solar powered everything.

First off I must say that Ed and his wife Rachelle Carson live in Studio City, California and that just a few years ago I too lived in “the Valley” in neighboring Sherman Oaks. I had seen Ed and his family in the hood on more than a few occasions. In fact I saw him at Fashion Square Mall a few times in the food court. So when I saw there was a reality tv show with Ed I took up an interest and decided to watch.

Tivo snagged the first episode of Living With Ed for me and I must admit I have since added a season pass for it. It’s pretty good, although not as exciting as Survivor, but hey, it’s a quick fun show to watch. So far at least. (more…)

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24 and Jack are back! 4 hours kick butt!

Well, my buddy Kiefer Sutherland may not have walked away with a Golden Globe the other night, but he did walk away with 2 of the best season premiere episodes in recent tv memory!

Sunday and Monday gave us back to back 2 hour episodes of the best action tv series on television! 24 with Kiefer Sutherland is back on Fox!

How do they do it? Season after season it’s as good as it was or maybe even better!

Episode 1 was a killer as we saw a tortured and near dead Jack Bauer return from Chinese prison and it’s interrogation. Jack has balls because the China dude said to tell your president that we couldn’t get Jack to talk… Hooray!

A badly sliced up and scarred Jack made us feel sympathetic but it did not take long from Jack to go from his “die for the USA” mission to a complete turn around and lead the US efforts to thwart terrorist attacks!

You go Jack!

24’s season premiere episode 2 was riveting as well and ended with a nuclear bomb going off. Just as we thought Jack was at the end of his rope and gave up we find he is now back in the game to save the USA!

You go Jack!

I don’t know about you but 24 is the best show on TV and I can’t wait for next Mondays new 1 hour episode.. boy, I wish they’d all be 2 hours! That’s be intense!

Oh, and isn’t it cool? You can already get the DVD with the 2 two hour season premiere episodes! How’s that for catering to the 24 fan base! Kudos to Fox on this one!

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Ann Heche Sparkles in Men In Trees Season Premiere

Men In Trees – Season Premiere Episode by Mike Liebner

Ann Heche of Ellen Degeneres lesbian love affair fame now has her own tv series.  

I must admit my first thought when I saw she was the star of Men In Trees was that I thought she was washed up career wise and that it was a bold move for a network to get behind a show with her at the helm.

I guess you could have said the same thing about Ellen who is now kicking butt with her talk show. But Ann Heche never did score big. Her movies were pretty much flops as far as I am aware.

Despite the low expectations I must admit that after seeing a few commercials and maybe even one of those Fall TV Show previews, I decided to set Tivo to sang Men In Trees and I just watched it last night.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised and liked it. She has a certain warmth and charm that lends itself to the character she is portaying. Ann Heche is playing a “relationship coach” who found her boyfriend fiancé cheating on her with their friend and while on a speaking engagement trip to Alaska she comes to the conclusion that she is staying there in Alaska.

You see there are 10 men for every woman in Alaska and makes for some funny situations. And seeing that the women are the men up there, it makes for more interesting dramedy scenes. (more…)

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Season Premieres and the New Fall TV Shows

Season Premieres and the New Fall TV Shows by Mike Liebner

How do you spell season premiere anyways???

Is it season premier? Or more like it – spelling should be season premiere?

Well, since Tivo spells it as “Season Premiere”, that’s the way I will go with it!

Regardless of how you spell it, there is no escaping the fact that Summer 2006 is over and that means the new crop of Fall TV shows are on the way! Every year Fall is jam packed with new attempts by the networks (mostly) to woo us with new “must see TV shows”.

I almost fear covering the topic of season premieres and new Fall TV shows as I am a skeptic when it comes to expecting TV programming executives to make good sound decisions. It seems my favorite new shows get cancelled sooner and sooner each year.

Great shows don’t always last. Wonderfalls and Action come to mind… I still weep about those shows going off the air as well as other less memorable TV series that barely were shown their committed number of episodes.

And then we have pseudo networks like cable tv’s HBO and Showtime who show such a limited number of episodes of their series to begin with. Entourage comes to mind with I think 8 half hour episodes it’s first season. Same with Showtime and Huff. They had another great show I can’t even remember the name of with Eric Stoltz a year or so back. Man, that was another too good to be true series, but let’s stop whining about the ones that got away. (more…)

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The Fall 2006 Tv Line-Up – Hit Or Miss?

The Fall 2006 Tv Line-Up – Hit Or Miss? by James Shenton

While it’s always a shame to see the end of summer, we can console ourselves about the drawing in of the nights with the great new shows in the fall TV lineup.

While brand new shows can often be hit and miss, here’s a few time-tested greats that are guaranteed to please.

Desperate Housewives

In an effort to recapture the magic that first made Housewives popular, Executive Producer Marc Cherry (who wrote the first season’s episodes) will return to take control of the show. Hopefully, his scripts will help drag Housewives back from last season’s slump. 

Prison Break

Following the enormous success of the first season, Wentworth Miller returns as Michael Schofield, this time pursued by FBI agent Buck Mahone (Invasion’s William Fitchner). The question that will be answered this season is whether the show can survive outside the prison walls.


Hot on the heels of Superman Returns, young Clark Kent is back (more…)

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