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Survivor is back and is as Fresh as Ever

 Survivor is back and is as Fresh as Ever! by Roxanne McDonald

Some say it is the granddaddy of reality TV shows (though others point to Real World on MTV or to Big Brother as having started the genre, or accuse of popularizing it), and many associate it with ways they themselves survive in the non-island, non-bikinis and starvation life: that is, they say this show teaches them real life lessons.

 Survivor is back for its thirteenth season.  The first episode of season began Thursday, September 14, 2006, and brought with it more unique characteristics and characters.

This time, Survivor teams were chosen according to race.  So while all the sensitive and pc folks are bubbling and bitching, the reality of racial tension will be exploited to the nth degree.  Or will it?  Existing dominant features and skills will be exacerbated or highlighted.  Or will they?  Political, social, and commercial support will sway.  Or will it?

Ballsy move, Mark.  And clever, calling it a most unusual social experiment.

The four tribes began their journey on a clipper ship where captivating host Jeff Probst told the challengers they were to grab what they could and get off.  People grabbed what they could; Jonathan from the Caucasian tribe, Raro, stole a chicken from the Asian tribe, Puka, and the experiment began.

We met the individuals in each tribe (most of whom are gorgeous, built, charismatic, and if none of the above, then bring unique character to the show with histories of refugee flight or mad skills).

In the Latino / Latina tribe are Ozzy, Billy, Cristina, Cecilia, and JP.  In the Asian tribe are Cao Boi (pronounced, interestingly, “Cowboy”), Brad, Becky, Jenny, and Yul.  In the African-American tribe, Hiki, are (or were) Rebecca, Nate, Sekou, Sundra, and Stephanie.  And in the Caucasian tribe are (or were) Adam, Jonathan, Jessica, Candice, and Parvati. (more…)

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Survivor Cook Islands Series Premieres on the 14th

Survivor Cook Islands is coming with it’s 13th new season premiere episode on Thursday September 14, 2006 at 8 PM on CBS. by Mike Liebner

Wow! There have been 13 already??? CBS Survivor is the granddaddy of reality TV shows with a loyal following that keeps on surviving. Rare for network TV shows, but this one is as strong as ever!

While I must admit I am a recent convert starting with Survivor Thailand myself, I am now as loyal as anyone and rank this as my favorite reality TV show right up there with Big Brother.

If you’re a true Survivor fan you’ll want to tune in to CBS The Early Show as they interview the castaways that were evicted the morning after the episode airs. The first castaway from Survivor Cook Islands will be interviewed on Friday September 15th at 7 AM on CBS.

You’ll also want to check your Tivo or other programming guides because other shows have been known to interview Survivor castaways as well as host Jeff Probst including the Tony Danza Show, Live With Regis and Kelly and the Ellen show among others. Depending on the castaway it can be pretty fun to watch. (more…)

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Racially Divided Survivor: Cook Islands premiers on Sept. 14

Are you ready for a Racially Divided Survivor: Cook Islands???

Sure, why not???   

Survivor Cook Islands is just a reality TV show!   


And Survivor is a damned good one at that!

Commentator Tucker Carlson was trying to make a case last night on his show Tucker (why did they change it?) on MSNBC,

that he was terribly offended by the new season of Survivor dividing it’s contestants into tribes, er groups by race. No one else on the panel seemed as offended and Tucker just beat it to a pulp whining about how he will not watch it. (more…)

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