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Tivo Let Me Down and I missed Survivor

I’ve come to depend on my my two TIVOS to capture and record all of the stuff I like to watch on TV.

Article by Mike Liebner

 Tivo has been so dependable and for the most part does an excellent job of gathering my “must see” tv shows.

Of course, being a Tivo guy going back at least 4 or 5 years (I’m guessing on this, maybe longer) I have had a few hiccups along the way.

It happened again last week.

On Thursday night Tivo let me down big time.

I was doing other stuff and did not think twice about whether Tivo was recording Survivor Fiji, one of my favorite shows. I have a season pass on my living room Tivo (the bedroom Tivo is more for talk shows and the occasional program that overlaps with other programs) for Survivor Fiji and do remember glancing at it and seieng the record light on so I assumed it was getting Survivor.


At around 50 minutes into the hour when I was ready to actually watch the program I go to Tivo and find it was recording some other B.S. and not Survivor Fiji! I quickly tried to find if it at least was on the right channel so I could record the buffer BUT no – it was on other channels! So I scrambled and caught the tribal council just as the vote was revealed!

What a bummer! TIVO let me down!

GEEZ! Does anyone have that episode on tape??? Or on their PC? (more…)

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CBS Season Premiere of Survivor Fiji Islands on Feb. 8

CBS Season Premiere of Survivor 14 Fiji Islands on Feb. 8 by Mike Liebner

Are you ready for the season premiere of Survivor: Fiji on February 8, 2007?

CBS Survivor 14 Fiji I am ready for Survivor 14 Fiji! In fact, I have been craving Survivor more than ever!

Over the Christmas holiday while visiting family I finally removed the plastic off the DVD and watched every single episode of the first Survivor!

Which one was that… oh yeah… Survivor Borneo Season One.

I must admit I tried like crazy to NOT watch Survivor the first 4 or 5 seasons when it came out. I was one of those “no time for Reality tv” type peoples. That all changed with Survivor Thailand when I gave in and watched. I was immediately hooked.

So now, here I am in between Survivor Cook Islands and Survivor Fiji and I am having cravings for Survivor! So I did rapid fire burn through that season one DVD and I was very happy to see it. I must say that it was PALE by comparison to the current day Survivor shows as Jeff Probst and the gang have come a long way. But it was fun to see the rough and  tumble creation of what would become a TV dynasty for Mark Burnett. (more…)

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