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Survivor: Gabon – Who Outwitted, Outsmarted and Outlast Them All?

The season finale of Survivor: Gabon came at last. And its great. Lots of pent up emotions revealed on the final night. All I can say is that the one who won the million dollars really deserved it, that’s my own opinion.

When the five castaways came back to camp, they have been reeling when they have blindsided Crystal. Kenny’s been trying to come up with something that might save him on the next tribal council. He said that he felt betrayed because Bob did not give him the immunity idol. But Bob said to him to get his own. Sugar on the other hand have her eyes on being on the final three with Matty and Bob and she sweet talk Kenny that they are going both in the final three.

On the final five immunity challenge – they have to dressed up as warriors. Then Jeff brought them into a giant set of maze. They have to find bags of a puzzle pieces and build a miniature Japanese hut on the end of the maze. But they have to get through the maze first. Susie and Sugar had a pretty good lead at the start but the others have made it even eventually. However, when it comes to the final tasks of making the hut, Bob outwitted them all and wins his fifth immunity in a row.

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Survivor: Gabon – The Good Guys Should Win In The End

The Good Guys Should Win in the End: A pushy castaway could land in hot water after using guilt to control an ally; the hidden immunity idol is put into play at the tribal council; one castaway is eliminated. Its the 13th episode of Survivor: Gabon and the chatting battle is scorching hot.

Kenny feels that he’s on the hot sit. He confronted Bob about being lied upon the immunity idol on the Tribal Council. Bob feels guilty and promises Kenny to give the idol if he wins the immunity challenge.

During the reward challenge, a trip to the Gorilla Project Zoo, a meal, bath and clothes are at stake. The winner of the challenge will get to choose two members of the tribe to share the prize and also the power to put one member in exile. In the reward challenge the castaways had to race into the swamp through a bunch of obstacles to get a ball at the end of the course. Then they had to go back to the start and toss that ball into a net. The first to get three balls in the net would win the reward. Matty has a huge time advantage against the other castaways however Bob gained upon him and it all comes down on the last shop and Bob won. He choose Crystal and Kenny to come with him on the national park and he place Susie to exile.

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Survivor: Gabon – A Very Unpredictable Twist

Survivor: Gabon provided lots of surprises last night. With the double elimination in tow, the pressure can be seen in both tribes. Is the merge possible after the double elimination? Will Fang be back on track and win the immunity challenge for the first time? Let’s find out!

On the 19th day of exile, the Fang tribe is seen starving with the little left of their food supplies. Some members of the tribe felt hopelessness because of their continuing defeat on the challenges. Yet, Crystal had spilled the little amount of rice that the tribe has when she tripped. Ace even said that she might be the next Lamb to the Slaughter.

The next day featured the Reward Challenge where the tribe must break their opponents ball in a ring to gain points. Kota scored the initial score and quickly had the lead. But the Fang tribe keep up till the third point where Dan made the lead to bring the Kota tribe to winning the challenge. The winning tribe went off in a helicopter to get their reward and the they sent Sugar again to Exile Island. Amongst their rewards was another round of delicious foods and letters from their families at home. While, angst is surrounding the Fang tribe like they have already lose the Immunity Challenge. Matty persuades Ace to vote out Sugar on the next Tribal Council. But it is yet to be seen.

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Survivor: Gabon – Feng Suffered Another Loss

The Feng tribe once again suffered another night at the Tribal Council. What circumstance had lead them into another loss? Who was eliminated last night? This questions are going to be answered here on our recap of Survivor: Gabon.

On Day 16 of the tribes’ stay on the island of Gabon, the Feng tribe struggled to survive. Ace and Matty decided to have a mini alliance on their midst due to the degradation of their tribe. The Feng tribe is also arguing on the amount of rice that need to be consume by each member because their supply is fast depleting. Ace told Sugar that the other members have gone through her bag and saw the immunity idol and impulsively she gave the idol to Ace, which I think is a huge mistake on her part. At Kota, the tribe’s unity is beginning to crumble cause some of the members commented that Dan is eating too much. Well, let see what will be the consequences of this in days that will follow.

At the Reward Challenge, giving them pastries and coffee to go after the Kota tribe won once against snatching another victory from the helpless Feng tribe. Sugar was sent to exile again by Kota while the Feng tribe go back on the place again empty handed. After the challenge, the members of Kota tribe seem to be arguing again on the allocation of food to each member. Randy decided to distance himself to Dan, because of the latter impression to the others, eating too much.

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Survivor: Gabon 4th Tribal Council Oust Jacquie

The fourth Tribal Council of Survivor Gabon had voted one potential strong member Jacquie. On the ninth night of the show when Paloma had just been voted out the Kota tribe headed back to camp. Kelly was feeling vulnerable because she had lost a friend and she feels she’d be the next target. Both the tribes had food issues (making too much food) thus depleting their resources fast, the tribes also had diminished effort on tribal challenges and they are voting out people who they deemed strong on both camps.

The tribes had been gathered on the beach and each team had been asked to rank their tribe from the strongest to the weakest.

The Kota tribe ranked their members as follows:

Marcus, Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacquie, Corinne, Sugar and Kelly

While Fang had ranked their people this way:

Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC and Susie


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