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The Powerplay On Survivor:Tocantins Is Getting Awesome

Another great blindside is coming here on Survivor Tocantins. Be amazed on how to power player planned to blindside one another. Will it be Coach or Brendan who will be going tonight?

Day 21 on the new tribe Forza, everybody was still shocked and sad that Joe had been medically evacuated. So to lighten the mood, Coach felt like he could tell the group a story that he felt was much worse — a time he was stuck in the Amazon. He told them he felt he was being watched and then he saw several locals who later pulled him aside, tied him up and beat him with a club. He said he didn’t remember how long it lasted, but he had blacked out. Everybody sat silent as he told the crazy story. In a confessional, Brendan said that Coach could be the biggest fraud the game has ever seen. “If I don’t believe his stories, how can I believe what he’s saying in my face?”

The next day, Coach continued his daily meditation in the water while the rest of the tribe looked on. “He’s like a snake ready to strike,” Tyson joked. Coach then walked back to the group and gave a funky explanation of the style of meditation he was doing.

In a confessional, he nicknamed himself the dragonslayer because he was after Brendan — who he has called the dragon. He then labeled Sierra the bowel movements that come out of the dragon.

At the Reward Challenge, the nine castaways were divided into teams of three — red, white and black. Each team had one row of wooden blocks with ceramic tiles in the center. The task was to throw a ball at the blocks in an effort to break the other teams’ tiles — essentially it was a grown-up version of a bean-bag toss. The last team left with tiles intact would win the reward — an afternoon whitewater rafting with a picnic to follow.

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