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The Ex List Shouldn’t Work – but it does!

I like the Ex List! Cool and hip – the Ex List works as a cutting edge big network comedy without a studio audience dumbing it down.

The Ex List star Elizabeth Reaser shines as Bella Bloom, a smart yet quirky flower shop owner that is in search of the “one” that got away.

A psychic taunted her by telling her she’d only get married if she finds her EX and does it in the next year.

Perfect food for the writers to bring us many zany antics like you’d expect from a network comedy. This one really works though as it not only is funny but it takes themes that usually don’t make it onto network shows and puts them at the forefront.

For example in the season opener, the pilot, we see BElla’s friend is distraight because she shaved her beaver bald (showed it to Bella onscreen) and her fiancee doesn’t like it. Apparently he likes hairy pubic areas and there is friction between the 2 lovers… Sorry to be dirty… but that’s the kind of bleeding edge stuff you’ll see on the show. That’s good!

In fact, I’d go so far as to say this is the most refreshing comedy to show up on network tv since Action with Jay Mohr.


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