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Rock Star Supernova’s Elimination Night Aug. 23

Rock Star Supernova’s Elimination Night Aug. 23 by Roxanne McDonald


The one with the most poise, the one most likely to win maybe, has gotten a little egomaniacal already?

RockStar SuperNova’s elimination night (on August 23) was expected, though some of the subterfuge going on and shared with us on Wednesday was not. 

Evidently, as the house cams reveal, Dilana is starting to show off — in the wrong way.  First, she digs Ryan, telling him he would have been nothing without the house band; and then telling him in a taunting way, “I’m getting more votes than you.”  The remaining seven have been reading some of the comments and critiques on the Windows Live Space page, and one of the posts is addressed to Dilana and claims it is down to her and Ryan.  (Of course, thousands who know what they are talking about disagree.)  (more…)

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Rock Star Supernova Recaps

Rock Star Supernova Recaps by Roxanne McDonald 

zayra RockStar SuperNova, Wednesday, August 16, is like any Rock Star episode of this season or last (which was Rock Star INXS, for those of you who foolishly missed the best music reality show on TV).    

No, wait.  It is amped up a notch:  SuperNova hits the stage: Jason on bass, Gilbey on lead, and Tommy on drums… and Dilana fronting. 

The boys have opened the show with the preface that no one is anywhere near being “chosen” as the winner.

Tonight will start a series of weekly guest fronting, as SuperNova performs one newly written song for each of the next seven weeks: this week the guest spot will be taken by Dilana (great first choice on the band’s part, of course, for anyone with an ear is anticipating she WILL win this contest, anyway—if Lukas doesn’t).  (more…)

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America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis

 America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis by Roxanne McDonald

I know I was pretty hard on the show in general, given its tacky middle America pandering and not so successful panning of The Gong Show and other mock games, and I am sorry to say I have to be equally harsh about America’s Got Talent grand finale.

  But if to show respect at least is to write about it, to give it air, okay, then the very writing here should suffice. 

(After all, bad publicity is still publicity and all that….)I like Regis Philbin.  I give him props for being angry and bitter and hateful and getting away with it, expressing it, giving vent, by way of cheesy and acceptable humor.   (more…)

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BB7 All-Stars – Gamut of Emotions

BB7 All-Stars – Gamut of Emotions by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother 7 All Stars, August 17th, 2006

Big Brother All Stars Big Brother 7 All-Stars puts BB devotees through the gamut of emotions—or emotional responses. 

First, we are getting fed up with the Janelle thing, especially once she “scumbagged” (as Marcellas would say) her supposed “friend”. 

Yep, she put Marcellas up for eviction, pretentiously confiding in him that she had to do it but that she would ensure he was only a pawn and going nowhere.  (more…)

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Big Brother All Stars – Will is Gaining Power

Big Brother All Stars – Will is Gaining Power by Roxanne McDonald 

  Big Brother All Stars By the time one gets through the Big Brother 7, Tuesday, August 1st episode, one is struck hard by the frightful possibility:     

what if Will wins again?

   It is a strong possibility, considering he has gone balls to wall with his intentional insulting, manipulating, and self-alienating, all of which appear to merely galvanize, or reinforce, his strength of presence in the BB house. 

He has told them all during a veto meeting that he hates them all.  He has cajoled and coerced Janelle—or attempted to convince her—to put a floater and a Chill Town member up, then work it so the floater goes home.  (more…)

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Big Brother 7 All-Stars Gets More Vicious

Big Brother 7 Gets More Vicious By Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother All Stars The Big Brother 7 All-Stars July 23 episode, if possible, gets more vicious, more heated, more cutthroat… and at the same time ushers in another bizarre dimension to the personalities of two players, Jase and Will.

  The Sunday episode has creepy cute moments: Boogie speaks to the diary room cam, excitedly anticipating HOH James’ nominations, saying, “Call the Hardy Boys… get somebody in here to figure out who James is going to nominate.” 

(Boogie is a trip; reminds me of the frat boys back east, and with good reason: he is from Concord, NH, right up the road a piece from where I first went to college.  So, yes, frat boys in NH are like this—and often WORSE.) (more…)

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Jenna Morasca has a TV Journal

I was just buzzing along looking at the latest news in TV and found that one of my ultimate dream girls Jenna Morasca, winner of a million bucks on Survivor, has her own TV Journal at the CBS News site!

Very interesting!

In “Jenna’s TV Journal” she dishes out her opinions on such shows at Treasure Hunters, Hell’s Kitchen. Rock Star: Supernova, Last Comic Standing, Big Brother: All-Stars, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and Who Wants To Be A Superhero! (more…)

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