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Do you love to watch Network TV Show Series?

If you love to watch a good network tv show series as much as I do – you’ll enjoy the article I just wrote on TV Shows and the New Paradigm of watching the way we want to!

There is no question that tv is being made as good as it ever was. The production value of many network shows rivals that of big budget motion pictures!

You can’t help but dig that!

Do you watch tv live?

Wouldn’t you rather timeshift?

I have some friends who are reluctant to start recording shows on DVR’s and watching the way they want them.

They seem to think it’s ok to be slaves to the networks and change their schedules or perhaps miss shows.

I can’t say they’re crazy because I know a lot of people don’t take recording from satellite tv or downloading tv shows as seriously as I do BUT I do know that if they would give in and experience the freedom that DVR’s and Downloading of TV Shows offers us – they’d never sit through a bad block of tv commercials again!

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I’m Bored To Death

I’m bored to death with what is on TV these days. It gets especially bad during the holidays when it seems that some big red rerun button is pushed or the Fall Season ends and new episodes stop showing.

Do the Neilson ratings even matter anymore? I mean why should there be certain periods of time such as sweeps when there is too much good stuff on and other times when you can’t even find a decent new show to watch.

I hate to rant about how tv sucks because I like watching television so much – but hey – face it – the way they force feed us what they want when they want SUCKS!

Some day soon we won’t have to put up with the way networks schedule their shows. I imagine a time when they will release product much like they do DVD’s or albums.

Sure, there will always be some kind of seasonality – I realize that – but there needs to be less of the force feeding we must endure from those who have power over what we watch.

And there is another disturbing trend that really rubs me the wrong way. The mini-series effect.

I mean – hey – they just don’t give us full seasons of shows anymore, do they? (more…)

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TV Guide Channel Gets Worse

OK… so you may not think that the TV Guide Channel can drop any lower than it already is – but they have been replacing their regular running shows with Michael Jackson crap and it is beyond being just a bad joke.

Reality Chat, or whatever their program was called keeps getting replaced. I think the show is now gone.

This network is so bad it is destined to run paid programming 24/7 at the rate they are going.

Wake up guys – you can’t just shove the same Michael Jackson crap at you viewers over and over and take away what little original programs you had running. That kind of stuff pisses off the viewer :’>

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Fall Season 2007 TV Shows Overview So Far

The 2007 Fall Season TV Show Overview by Mike Liebner

You just never know what a new season of TV shows will bring you. It could be a super good season like when Desperate Housewives and Lost first appeared or it could be a dud.

So far, this season, with a few exceptions seems to lean more towards duds from my perspective. A few returning shows are great… a few new ones are good… a few are outstanding…

While I have not watched everything new that has come out, I really try my best to catch at least the first episode (pilot or premiere).

I understand this is not always indicative of a show in the long run, but let’s face it – we can only watch so much tv before it affects us in strange ways (hmmmmm…)

Right out of the box I loved the new NBC tv show Chuck. Fresh and invigorating just like when Austin Powers first hit the scene, Chuck is a great 1 hour show. It’s refreshing how cool and hip this funny thriller is and how larger than life the characters are. It’s not very often I get drawn into a tv show that does not necessarily have a continuing storyline (individual self contained episodes like most tv detective shows), but this one pulled me in. The visuals and high tech editing are in themselves quite revolutionary and top notch. Check out “Chuck” if you haven’t already – it’s a winner!

Survivor China is back and the reality tv series is as good as ever. The challenges are especially good. China adds a whole new backdrop and freshness to the show. It’s a must see show! (more…)

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The Best Shows Currently on TV

The Best Shows Currently on TV by Mike Liebner

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when my Tivo is stuffed to the gills with great programming.

There are so many great shows on TV right now! In fact my two Tivo’s are  stuffed with too much programming to ever to watch!

As a result my drive space is shrinking and my recording capabilities diminished.

That means some tough choices need to be made and as a result some TV shows I like will fall to the wayside.

Last year that happened with the O.C. of which I cleared all the stacked up episodes off of Tivo and cancelled my season pass. This year that is happening to The Amazing Race All Stars. Sorry, that show has been starting to get on my nerves! I just can’t take it anymore. I just deleted 3 episodes of Amazing Race which I wasn’t  watching anyways and before that, since Rob and Amber got eliminated I had started fast forwarding through episodes anyways. So just now, I went and deleted the Amazing Race season pass. So what! Survival of the fittest!

So what is all that great programming on TV right now? What do I think the best shows currently on TV are?

Well, to do that we need to take a look at my Tivo.

Here are my picks for top shows on television (on my Tivo boxes) right now!

In some sort of order along with brief comments

1. 24 – 24 is without question the best show on TV. I think it’s because the writing is so clever that it keeps getting better each season. What would seem like a constricting factor, I think he 24 hour timeframe actually brings out more creativity from the writers. This show is one of the few shows I MUST watch as soon as I can. Usually the same night it airs! (more…)

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Day Break on ABC is Dumped it Appears

I’m really getting fed up with TV networks and their sneaky little tactics.

Yet another great new show has fallen to the wayside and in this case ABC hasn’t even mentioned the cancellation of Day Break with Taye Diggs on their web site.

Finally after scouring the web I find an article with info on the show and it’s apparent demise.

For weeks I have been seeking info… when will it return and it’s depressing how I now find out that ABC has cancelled Day Break yet still has un aired episodes it has no intention of showing (at least not on tv).

While it has been speculated the un-aired episdoes of Day Break will be “aired” online, ABC has no info about this on their site.

So, I’ll just close this rant by saying that network TV has hit an all new low. It seems each season shows are getting axed earlier than ever.

Whatever happened to allowing a show to gain it’s audience???

If anything, this kind of executive game playing may just be hurting the networks more than helping them.

If they want to be more than simply online download shops they should pay a olittle more attention to nurturing well received shows like Day Break. The payoff can be good as proven by floundering shows that became huge hits (Seinfeld for example).

I hope they do air the 9 remaining episodes of Day Break, but I will not hold my breath as my faith in ABC and the big networks is at an all time low.

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Tivo Spring Cleaning (but it’s Fall)

OK, I have two Tivo DVR’s and they are stuffed to the gills with excellent tv shows and programming I have yet found time to watch.

There is so much recorded on Tivo I am running out of room to adequately record new shows.

Sure, I just bought a Panasonic DVR Recorder to archive some of the great tv shows on DVD (lots of funny Borat stuff – like on Leno and Daily Show), but I haven’t wired it up properly to archive.

So, as an interim measure I had to make some decisions… I guess you could call it forced CANCELLATIONS.

On the chopping block were a few shows I have been meaning to watch but just never got around to…

The O.C. is one of those shows. Last night I finally wiped out and deleted around 20 or so episodes I have not watched yet. Most of them from last season. It just hasn’t been interesting enough for me to invest time watching those 20 hours of The O.C. Sorry Mischa and Rachel (I still love you both!). (more…)

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America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis

 America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis by Roxanne McDonald

I know I was pretty hard on the show in general, given its tacky middle America pandering and not so successful panning of The Gong Show and other mock games, and I am sorry to say I have to be equally harsh about America’s Got Talent grand finale.

  But if to show respect at least is to write about it, to give it air, okay, then the very writing here should suffice. 

(After all, bad publicity is still publicity and all that….)I like Regis Philbin.  I give him props for being angry and bitter and hateful and getting away with it, expressing it, giving vent, by way of cheesy and acceptable humor.   (more…)

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BB7 All-Stars – Gamut of Emotions

BB7 All-Stars – Gamut of Emotions by Roxanne McDonald

Big Brother 7 All Stars, August 17th, 2006

Big Brother All Stars Big Brother 7 All-Stars puts BB devotees through the gamut of emotions—or emotional responses. 

First, we are getting fed up with the Janelle thing, especially once she “scumbagged” (as Marcellas would say) her supposed “friend”. 

Yep, she put Marcellas up for eviction, pretentiously confiding in him that she had to do it but that she would ensure he was only a pawn and going nowhere.  (more…)

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Is the Last Comic Standing Really Funny?

Last Comic Standing is Josh Blue! 

It’s not that you need a PhD in the psychology of humor to write about such television programs, but it is tough to capture or encapsulate the appeal of really good comedic shows.

Josh Blue Last  I mean, if I could translate with any accuracy and effectiveness the likes of, say, Seinfeld, with its hallmark repetition of lines for comic effect or its relatedness of events, instances, and issues the characters share, for example, then I would be ON the show…or WRITING it. 

So it goes with a blockbuster entertainment show like Last Comic Standing. 

Still, I feel impelled to sing the praises of the efforts to bring back some damned levity (if not outright raucous laughter) to our pitifully stressful, overworked, overburdened, overwhelmed lives. (more…)

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