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Best TV Commercials

What commercials that ran in the past year or so motivated you to buy something?

The best commercials are the ones that get people to take action!

Adweek sites the best commercials of 2012 according to the most entertaining and pwoerful spots.

What are the best commercials?

Watch the best tv commercials – there are many that will make you smile or laugh or even cry!


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Do you love to watch Network TV Show Series?

If you love to watch a good network tv show series as much as I do – you’ll enjoy the article I just wrote on TV Shows and the New Paradigm of watching the way we want to!

There is no question that tv is being made as good as it ever was. The production value of many network shows rivals that of big budget motion pictures!

You can’t help but dig that!

Do you watch tv live?

Wouldn’t you rather timeshift?

I have some friends who are reluctant to start recording shows on DVR’s and watching the way they want them.

They seem to think it’s ok to be slaves to the networks and change their schedules or perhaps miss shows.

I can’t say they’re crazy because I know a lot of people don’t take recording from satellite tv or downloading tv shows as seriously as I do BUT I do know that if they would give in and experience the freedom that DVR’s and Downloading of TV Shows offers us – they’d never sit through a bad block of tv commercials again!

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The Apple iPad Sucks (still!)

Sorry, but the Apple iPad sucks (still) – especially apparent after watching this video clip from InfoMania on Current TV!

Ipad Flash Infomania

Apple sucks once again and is planning world domination again… This time they want to take Adobe Flash away from us…

Man, I still can’t believe iPad won’t support Flash…

That’s insane.

Jobs claims battery life using flash would be 1 hour of use versus non-flash 10 jours per battery…. uhhhh… ok. I beleive you Steve Jobs.

Jobs – flash will murder the ipad – really now lets be realistic

Can we not just all be SHEEP and let Apple know they can’t force this stuff down our throats.

Almost all web sites use FLASH to show video content (I do!) – that means you can’t see thevideos on the web pages UNLESS the sites change to a format Apple approves of (most likely their own I bet) (more…)

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TV Guide Channel Gets Worse

OK… so you may not think that the TV Guide Channel can drop any lower than it already is – but they have been replacing their regular running shows with Michael Jackson crap and it is beyond being just a bad joke.

Reality Chat, or whatever their program was called keeps getting replaced. I think the show is now gone.

This network is so bad it is destined to run paid programming 24/7 at the rate they are going.

Wake up guys – you can’t just shove the same Michael Jackson crap at you viewers over and over and take away what little original programs you had running. That kind of stuff pisses off the viewer :’>

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Internet TV Software allows you to Watch Satellite TV on your PC

You can now watch satellite TV on your PC with Internet TV Software!

Watching TV shows over the internet continues to rise in popularity.

Studies indicate that there are over 3.6 billion “video streams” watched by internet viewers.

This article on satellite tv will help you learn about the benefits of PC Software that will help you watch satellite tv programming on your computer, almost as if it were an actual television set! That’s very cool!

In fact, the regular internet user spends nearly forty one days each year being online or approximately 164 minutes per day;

likewise, researches reveal that 148 minutes per day are spent watching television. This supports studies done in September 2005 that most individuals spend almost eight hours a day using 2 or even more media simultaneously. (more…)

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The New TV Shows for Fall are here in Summer!

New TV Shows for the fall season are almost here!

Actually I just watched a new one last night (August 23rd) called Vanished which is really good!   

The new fall season just started in Summer!

More on Vanished in a future review of the season premiere episode from last night!

When fall “really” comes, you can expect to see a lot of the new TV shows working their way into our consciousness.

The Fall season used to be the only time a network would premiere new TV shows, but that is finally changing.

The change is due to the changing habits of viewers in general. Some networks now put new shows on in the spring, or replace shows that are not doing well in the middle of the season. No matter when they debut, the networks are always fighting to get you to watch and embrace their new shows.

The new Fall TV shows come and go. Get ready for some that you like to quickly disappear like the Heather Graham show that bombed last year. Gone in 60 seconds (practically!) (more…)

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Mel Gibson and Scott Baio in LA Sherrifs Commercial

Wow! You gotta see this one!

Mel Gibson and Scott Baio in LA Sherrifs Commercial

It’s the Mel Gibson Commercial for LASSO!

Pictured are Mel Gibson (not Scott Baio) and some guy that looks like Rudy Giuliani, but most likely he is a Malibu cop or Sherrif.

Mel Gibson of recent Malibu DUI fame,

plays a tough cop as he grills Scott Baio in this commerical for the LA Sherrif.

You have gotta see this commercial! (more…)

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Jenna Morasca has a TV Journal

I was just buzzing along looking at the latest news in TV and found that one of my ultimate dream girls Jenna Morasca, winner of a million bucks on Survivor, has her own TV Journal at the CBS News site!

Very interesting!

In “Jenna’s TV Journal” she dishes out her opinions on such shows at Treasure Hunters, Hell’s Kitchen. Rock Star: Supernova, Last Comic Standing, Big Brother: All-Stars, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Got Talent and Who Wants To Be A Superhero! (more…)

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TV Downloads World Leader is UK

I was cruising along checking out one of my favorite sites when I ran across a post that suggested the United Kingdom led the world in TV Downloads, at least so far as “tv piracy” downloads are concerened.

Australia came in at # 2 with the United States coming in 3rd.

Upon further investigation a story at the UK site Guardian Unlimited, an article explained more about the UK and TV downloads.

But the writing may be on the wall for TiVo-like devices because of what David Price, a researcher with Envisional of Cambridge, calls the free global TiVo on the internet. He is referring to the dramatic upsurge in downloading films and TV shows through peer-to-peer sharing facilities on the web. The biggest of these, BitTorrent, is reckoned (by CacheLogic, another Cambridge company), to account for over a third of all data carried on the net (of which 10% is TV piracy).

New Envisional figures about to be released show Britain leads the world in piracy. We are responsible for 38.4% of TV downloads in the EU and 18.5% worldwide. Australia is second with 15.6% and the US a poor third on 7.3%. The reason is simple. The pirated programmes are mainly made in English by US companies and released earlier there than here. Top of the piracy charts is 24 (95,000 downloads an episode) followed by Star Trek: Enterprise (90,000).

Full article on TV Downloading

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It’s Time for Directv and Echostar to Merge

This time is right for Directv and Echostar (Dish Network) to merge. Rumors about a possible upcoming merger between the two have begun to circulate recently. I hope it happens this time. They tried it four years ago but were rejected by the FCC, whose members felt that a merger would violate antitrust laws.

However, their primary competition is no longer each other but the cable and phone companies, which have more advantages.

Right now, satellite operators cannot provide competitive broadband, video-on-demand, and VoIP on their own the way the cable and phone companies can. (more…)

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