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Tivo Spring Cleaning (but it’s Fall)

OK, I have two Tivo DVR’s and they are stuffed to the gills with excellent tv shows and programming I have yet found time to watch.

There is so much recorded on Tivo I am running out of room to adequately record new shows.

Sure, I just bought a Panasonic DVR Recorder to archive some of the great tv shows on DVD (lots of funny Borat stuff – like on Leno and Daily Show), but I haven’t wired it up properly to archive.

So, as an interim measure I had to make some decisions… I guess you could call it forced CANCELLATIONS.

On the chopping block were a few shows I have been meaning to watch but just never got around to…

The O.C. is one of those shows. Last night I finally wiped out and deleted around 20 or so episodes I have not watched yet. Most of them from last season. It just hasn’t been interesting enough for me to invest time watching those 20 hours of The O.C. Sorry Mischa and Rachel (I still love you both!). (more…)

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The New TV Shows for Fall are here in Summer!

New TV Shows for the fall season are almost here!

Actually I just watched a new one last night (August 23rd) called Vanished which is really good!   

The new fall season just started in Summer!

More on Vanished in a future review of the season premiere episode from last night!

When fall “really” comes, you can expect to see a lot of the new TV shows working their way into our consciousness.

The Fall season used to be the only time a network would premiere new TV shows, but that is finally changing.

The change is due to the changing habits of viewers in general. Some networks now put new shows on in the spring, or replace shows that are not doing well in the middle of the season. No matter when they debut, the networks are always fighting to get you to watch and embrace their new shows.

The new Fall TV shows come and go. Get ready for some that you like to quickly disappear like the Heather Graham show that bombed last year. Gone in 60 seconds (practically!) (more…)

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