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America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis

 America’s Got Talent Finale and Props to Regis by Roxanne McDonald

I know I was pretty hard on the show in general, given its tacky middle America pandering and not so successful panning of The Gong Show and other mock games, and I am sorry to say I have to be equally harsh about America’s Got Talent grand finale.

  But if to show respect at least is to write about it, to give it air, okay, then the very writing here should suffice. 

(After all, bad publicity is still publicity and all that….)I like Regis Philbin.  I give him props for being angry and bitter and hateful and getting away with it, expressing it, giving vent, by way of cheesy and acceptable humor.  

You gotta give him props for making it as far as he has by staying on the edge and still within the confines of traditional, conventional, conservative USA.  But on a TALENT show, why would you sing…pitch-weak and in a register too low for your natural voice?  That send-off performance was horrendous, Reeg.  Good thing the judges weren’t poised over their X button buzzers.

While used as a time-filler, the wacky winner segment was most entertaining, with performances done, for example, by a man playing his teeth, another playing classical and Queen on water glasses, and an acrobatic of sorts who interjected his act with the yell, “I like you” in an unusual (unidentifiable?) accent. The lover of the crowd won (a brand new car), and rightfully so: he did an aerial (a flip without the use of his hands) and landed by his feet on a trapeze swing.  Wow.

The finalists were trotted out once and then again after the magician worked former contestants into his stage act, and finally, we got what we knew was coming.  Of the awesome Miller brothers, Cole and LD who played harmonica and guitar; Taylor Ware, who brought back yodeling in the finest of performances; the acrobatic Realis; Rappin’ Granny, the most endearing of the bunch; a high-powered a capella boy band, At Last; stunning songstress Bianca Ryan; comedic jugglers The Passing Zone; exacting and entertaining Irish dance and fiddle troupe Celtic Spring; perfect cloggers All That; and quick-change artist team Quick Change, the one who took the million-dollar final prize was…Bianca Ryan, who was so shocked she was speechless.

Rest up the voice, Bianca.  We expect to hear much more greatness from you.  And kudos for making it through what was likely a grueling competition process that your talent does more than justice to: it redeems the nature and name of the show and proves that despite the cheese factor, America’s Got Talent!

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