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I am a big fan of well made tv shows.

There are a lot of great tv series out there that are well made and enjoyable to watch.

Don’t think I will go for any crummy fluff out there as I really demand good quality and expect the best from a new tv show.

Now, it’s a little frustrating with the current tv paradigm as there is a whole new world of viewing options which are changing the way we watch things.

You can now get almost every tv show or complete series of shows on DVD or in a downloadable format you can watch on your computer, smartphone or TV Set.

All these new opportunities to find and locate great made for tv shows to watch as I want to makes it harder and harder to abide by the rules the networks are still in control of.

I mean – hey – it’s not easy to wait a week to see your favorite new show – or if the networks have something else they want to show instead you may have to wait even longer.

It kind of pisses me off when they show repeats early on in the season. It disrupts the flow of the shows.

But now, that we have all these great tv shows available ‘on demand” we can stop playing by their rules.

Even owning a simple DVR set top recorder or Tivo gives us a big advanatage in that we can timeshift to match our own schedules. And even better we can watch shows back to back or even in whole seasons if we want.

I just haven’t had time to watch the final season of Entourage on HBO when they came out – but here it is a few months later and I have them all recorded on my DVR to watch the way I want to (I hope I have them all!)

And nowadays I don’t even feel pressure to record every new show on tv when it comes out. To be honest I am tired of getting attached to tv shows that end up being cancelled. Very often the tv networks pull the plug after only a few shows. That’s no way to do it. so by NOT watching and waiting to see if the shows stick and get renewed I can ONLY watch shows that will be there for me and won’t ditch me like a one night stand.

There are some problems however with the way of getting those tv series on DVD and through download. They don’t always release all the stuff we want to watch. For example it’s driving me nuts that they have not released the early seasons of Survivor or Big Brother. I’m a big fan and dying to see the seasons I missed but for some reason they are selectively releasing the content and only selling the newest seasons. That’s a bummer and pisses me off. It’s like I’m being punished for not catching on sooner. wouldn’t they make money off those old seasons? It’s already in the can and paid for, right?

Another thing that is a bit distressing about tv networks is the small number of shows they have in what they call a season. Bored to Death, Entourage, Spartacus and many more of my favorite tv shows barely pass a few hours run time and make up part of the available space on the DVD’s. How can you only have 6 or 9 episodes of a hot well received tv show? I mean – I feel like we’re getting ripped off. How many episodes did they hae in teh old days? I’d say at least 12 and probably more like 15 or 20 shows in a season.

Despite all the things I can rag about – I still love watching tv shows that are made for tv on my fantastic big Sony TV and it’s nice to see that the aisles of the stores selling DVDS are expanding with more and more titles from TV Series that originated on the networks.

Let’s hope though that as things change – that the consumers put a little pressure on teh content providers and they get more in tune with what we are willing to spend our hard earned money on. Give us more of what we like and give it to us the way we want it!

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